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144.Adventures of Lolo 3 (1991)
Winning Condition
Defeat King of Eggerland (Level 17-10)
TMR Review
I was so unlucky to play this game as a grown up because if I would have play this one when I was a kid, surely I would have increase my IQ to the Einstein level. I am really impressed of the complexity and difficulty of the puzzles definitely whoever designed this puzzles is a master mind and took him long time for sure. What makes this game really great is that they not only make this game very long, but the farther you get the harder are the puzzles, so it keeps you thinking what can be waiting for you in the next puzzle. There is only two thinks I see bad in this game, one is the loop music that get annoying after playing the game for a while (notice that the music is great in this game) and the second one is the difficulty in the boss fights, they could have done harder the AI in the bosses. I completely recommend this game to anyone who likes solving puzzles.