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188.Elite (PAL) (1984)
Winning Condition
Beat the Two Main Missions (Proposed by the Game Designer 'Ian Bell')
TMR Review
Goal: (Complete two main Missions. PAL only game) There is a few things I would like to say about this game, despite of being a port on the NES how they solve the rich controlling mechanics is awesome and also the way the whole game works it feels really advance for the time and very smooth. Even having a lot of menus in the bottom is really easy to select any desired one. Of course learning what each one of those do it takes time but definitely this is a fun game, only one big problem on it and that is the lack of music while being out there in the space, maybe they thought too deep about it being logic that the sound doesn't travel in the space but come on this is only a Video Game. Winning Condition: At first glance this game looks like doesn't have an ending screen and surely doesn't so we had to pick a winning condition and luckily the designer of the game 'Ian Bell' who was contacted by 'Alchman' give us an answer. He proposed as winning condition beating the two main missions and having that as goal the rest was figuring out how to do it. In general the game is awesome but lack of soundtracks.