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59.Final Fantasy (1990)
Winning Condition
Defeat Chaos (Temple of Fiends)
TMR Review
Who will tought that making a Final Fantasy will be the beginning of many others. This is the first game of one of the biggest successful game franchises ever made, talking about Final Fantasy is like talking about Super Mario Bros. at least in RPG world. But let's get into the game, the music is probably one of the best NES game music in history, Nabuo Uematsu (Music composser) is a genious. The story is great and in every little quest you complete gets deeper into the adventure of reviving the power of the Orbs. The battle system used in the game isn't as good as the one in Ultima series but isn't that bad either. There is only one big problem in the game, and that is the lack of being able to buy multiple items of the same kind in the shops. But despite of that this game is great, you can even see the overworld map that you can open at will while outside of towns/caves/Palaces and if that is not good enough you even have a secret mini-game inside the ship.