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65.Tecmo Cup Soccer Game (1992)
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Win the TECMO CUP (16 games)
TMR Review
Definitely this game wasn't the classic Football (soccer) style game I had in mind. It also took me longer to beat than I expected for a sports game. Some of the features suggest this to be a kind of RPG Sport Game, RPG or not I had some fun playing it, but I have to say Tecmo knows better than anyone how to troll you. I tought I had beaten the game and right when I got some tears of joy a whole new tournament started right in front of my eyes breaking my heart. The music is good specially when you have hard matches. The real bad thing is the 32 characters pasword system which includes Symbols, Numbers, Letters (Uppercase/Lowercase) and Arrows. Really crazy but i guess they had a lot of variables in the game to have to go that far.